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New Technology Improvements in Modern Garage Doors

These days, the technology for garage doors has evolved and improved. There are so many new features and advantages. So if you’re considering installing a new garage door, keep in mind a lot more is possible than just 10 or 15 years ago. This isn’t your grandpa’s garage door. These garage door features are the […]

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How to Repair a Garage Door Trolley

The trolley on your garage door, also known as a carriage, runs along the rail between the motor and the ceiling. It’s typically installed at the same time as the opener. Sometimes a carriage will become worn out and damaged, in which case you’ll have to install a new one. Pulling on the release cord will free up the door from the opener assembly. Remove the bolts that attach to the unit and replace with a new unit. Reattach the arm and the chair. Make sure you have the right kind of carriage, typically a chain drive, belt drive or spindle. It’s a good idea to lightly coat the carriage from time to time with a light coat of garage door oil.