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4 Tricks to Protect Your Garage & Save on Repair Costs

Broken garage doors are no fun. Sometimes the repair is easy and doesn’t cost much — you may even be able to do it yourself. Other times the issue is more expensive and you’ll need to hire a professional door repair service. Considering how many times you use a garage door — 3 times a […]

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Garage Door Torsion Springs vs. Extension Springs: Which is Better?

What’s the difference between a torsion spring and an extension spring on a garage door? The most obvious difference in size. Located in a shaft above your garage door, torsion springs are large. Extension springs are smaller springs attached to the sides. You’ll have either one or the other. Torsion springs have a number of advantages but tend to be more expensive. But they also last twice as long as extension springs. The motion is a lot more controlled and fluid. Extension springs usually require more maintenance and tend to have a louder, rockier functioning. They are also more dangerous — if an extension spring breaks, the force can be sudden and extreme. Proceed with caution — or better yet call a garage door repair professional.