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Keep Those Garage Door Hinges Lubricated

How to Properly Lubricate a Garage Door Hinge Hinges are one of those garage door parts we rarely think about. And for good reason: it’s one of the least replaced parts in a garage. Despite this, they’re an integral part of your panels retracting mechanism, allowing it to bend at just the right times. In […]

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What to Do When Garage Door Off Track

What do you do when your garage door has come off its track? For starters, stop using it right away. Continuing to use the door could cause a fairly simple repair job to turn into a several hundred dollar ordeal. Hopefully, the door has simply skipped the track and just needs to be guided back on. Perhaps the door will need to be clamped and hammered back into place with a rubber mallet. Both of these solutions are fairly simple DIY garage door repair jobs. In the worse case scenario, your track has been ripped to shreds and you need a brand-new one. And that’s what can happen if you continue to use the door after you realize it’s off its track. Call a professional right away if the repair proves beyond your capabilities.