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Keeping Your Garage Door Balanced

Most homeowners use their garage door multiple times a day, which can add up to almost a thousand times per year. The door will naturally go through wear and tear, especially if it is not routinely maintained or repaired. One of the most common repairs that garage doors go through is doors being unbalanced. Your […]

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Repair Your Overhead Garage Door’s Photoeyes

Overhead garage door not working? One easy way to fix it is to check the sensor. This is a very common repair issue when it comes to overhead garage doors. The photoeyes at the bottom of the door transmit a signal that lets the garage door opener know the pathway is clear. If anything gets in the way and blocks the sensor, the door will automatically reverse itself. Occasionally, the sensors can get dirty, which can interrupt the sensor and prevent the door from closing. The sensors may be offset — make sure they are lined up properly. Your sensors may also be getting too much sunlight, which can cause them to act faulty.