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3 Garage Repairs to Cut Your Energy Bill & Save Money

Going green usually means making lifestyle changes that are good for the earth. But the flip side is that you can save money too. When it comes to your garage and garage door, there are several changes you can make that are friendly for the environment as well as your electric bill. Here are a […]

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How to Reprogram Your Garage Door Opener

Need to reprogram the opener remote of your garage door? On modern openers, this is a fairly easy repair. First, press and release the LEARN button on the overhead garage door opener unit. It will glow for about 30 seconds. As it glows, press down on the button of your remote. When the overhead unit’s lights blink, release the button. Some openers don’t use lights. Listen for clicks instead. If you wish to erase all codes from the memory of your opener, hold the LEARN button on motor unit until the learn indicator light goes out (approximately 6 seconds). Reprogram each remote you wish to use. On the keyless number pad, simply punch in the new code. Make sure to write it down and keep it somewhere safe.