When’s The Last Time You Cleaned Your Garage?

Spring cleaning should be a constant state of mind! Cleaning the garage can be a huge pain and many people continually put it off until the seasons change. Once spring rolls around, folks will dust off the laziness and take a stab at cleaning their garage. And while it’s always great to see tidy garages, they should be a constant, not a once-a-year event. 

So, when’s the last time you cleaned your garage? There’s a chance that it has gotten quite dirty in the months since.

What’s your car bringing in?

Throughout your time on the road, your car will drive over plenty of different surfaces covered in various dirt, debris, and trash. And can you imagine the mud that rolls in and potentially sprays your garage door? Everything that your tire picks up and clings to will be brought into your garage, which in turn will be brought into your home. Yuck! As a result, it would be smart for you to move the car out of your garage on a monthly basis in order to clean underneath it and the surrounding areas. Doing this will help not only help maintain a cleaner floor but also help your shoes bring in less gunk into your home. 

What can you throw out? 

When’s the last time you threw something out of your garage? Most garages are filled to the brim with tools, cleaners, shelves, and belongings that seemed necessary at one time but don’t have much use now. Consistently cleaning your garage prevents clutter and makes the room just generally more appealing. Everyone has a hoarding problem and it might be time to let some stuff go. While you’re cleaning the garage, make note of what you should be purchasing to maintain the area in the future. We recommend buying lubrication for your garage door, it’s one type of cleaner that’ll genuinely come in handy every few months!

What about your garage door?

How often do you clean your garage door? Your garage door is one of the most prominent features of your home but it’s also a key part most homeowners take for granted. If you want to boost your curb appeal and save some serious money, you should be cleaning and continually maintaining your garage door every few months. Simple repairs like cleaning out tracks for dirt, grime, and little obstructions like pebble can potentially save your door from jumping off track! It’s very easy to neglect the overhead door and avoid it when there are noises or dents to the tracks. Not only will your garage door look brand new if you spend some time sprucing it up, but your wallet will thank you! Just note that if your DIY repairs get a bit too much for you to handle, consult an overhead door expert to get things sorted out quickly! 

Your garage is probably the first part of the home you see once you’re done work. And your garage door is the largest entryway to your home – wouldn’t it be nice if they both shined? Cleaning out your garage and throwing out stuff that’s no longer useful can help you use the space for other activities. 


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