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Fireproof Safety Tips for a Safer Garage

If you’re like most homeowners, your garage is multi-purpose. (That’s probably why insulated garage door installation is so popular — people aren’t just storing cars, but actually using their garages as living spaces.) Many people also use their garages for storage. But a mass number of items, especially when it comes to flammable and other […]

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Our Technicians are Experts When It Comes To Garage Door Opener Repair

After many years of experience servicing residents of El Dorado Hills, our certified technicians know a thing or two about repairing garage door openers, and there are a few door opener issues that often come up. Most often, the battery is to blame, which is why our technicians always have backup batteries on hand. If your wall switch is malfunctioning, an electrical issue is most likely to blame. If power source isn’t the problem, you might need the motor replaced.