Understanding Garage Door Springs

Technicians and repair companies can debate on and on about the most important garage door parts, but it’s safe to say that springs are responsible for most of the heavy lifting – literally. If you have an automatic overhead garage door, you can thank the springs for lifting the hundred-pound plus door. The garage door springs work in tandem with the garage door opener to lift up the door. Because they work under incredible amounts of pressure, garage door springs are noted for their complexity and strength.  

Broken Springs? Call a Garage Door Professional

Simply put, if your garage door springs aren’t working, your garage door isn’t working. You’ll know garage door spring repair is needed if your door isn’t opening up or is very slow when it opens. If you’re dealing with the latter, it’s safe to assume that your spring is worn out and needs replacement, or needs to adjusted by a garage door repair company. The same issues extend to doors that open fully but then slowly (or quickly) come back down. A spring replacement will be needed. And while a noisy garage door doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong with the springs, it’s worth to have them checked out. 

Because garage door springs are so intricate, it’s important that only professionals handle and deal with them. Even if you fancy yourself a decent handyman, replacing your garage door springs definitely doesn’t fall under the DIY category. If suddenly released, they can cause serious bodily injury and sometimes even death. And if you’re dealing with a door that won’t stay open, you risk the chance of having the door come crashing down, which could lead to a costly replacement. Do yourself a favor and call a professional like El Dorado Hills Garage Door


The 2 Types of Springs on Your Garage Door

The two different types of springs on your garage door are the torsion spring, located just above the garage door, and the extension spring, located on the upper tracks on the sides of the door. You will likely either have one or the other. Torsion springs are notably for how the rotate using torque, while extension springs, like their name suggests, expand and contract. For most residential garage door systems, we recommending upgrading to torsion springs. They have longer lifespans and don’t shake as much as extension garage springs. A garage door installation and repair company can help upgrade your springs. 

If the spring is squeaky, you may be able to fix it with some lubrication. Always use a silicone lubricant and never WD-40. If this doesn’t do the trick, give us a call. The sound could mean you have a serious problem developing that requires the expertise and equipment of a professional. When you speak to an expert, ask about upgrading to a two-spring system. That way, one spring isn’t responsible for doing the heavy lifting. With two garage door springs working in tandem, you can expect less wear and tear.  

The Causes of Garage Spring Failure

There are multiple factors involved when it comes to broken springs. Springs have varying life spans ranging from a few thousand cycles to tens of thousands, depending on their quality. Torsion springs are must if you want to spend less time worrying about life cycles. They can sport up to 15,000 life cycles. Besides age, rust is another possible cause. When your garage spring shows signs of failing, you should immediately contact a professional. Not only is there a risk of a garage door weighing hundreds of pounds falling, but severe bodily and property injury can occur.

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