Garage Door Repair Guide

Full Service Garage Door Repair Support in El Dorado Hills

We get it. You’re handy! Maybe you’ve put a new roof on your house, installed new appliances, finished a basement or built furniture from scratch. However knowledgeable you are about the myriad household tasks in your world though, garage door repair is something you should never undertake alone. If you’re looking for a garage door repair guide, you’ve found us! Our team of experts has spent years repairing and replacing garage doors and we know just how to accomplish it without injury and while ensuring optimal functionality for your garage. Don’t let a hassle turn into a hospital bill! Call us first.

How to Fix a Garage The Right Way

When it comes to broken garages, there isn’t always a booklet to follow that explains best practices, and mistakes can lead to even more costs. Safety concerns aside, there are many complex steps involved in not only fixing a garage but taking steps to prevent future problems. In addition, you may risk voiding warranty of your garage parts if the repair mishandled. Proper garage repair often requires the knowledge of a technician who has handled thousands of garage repairs already.

We’ll Do the Heavy Lifting

Garage door repair—especially when it involves a door that has come off its track—can be incredibly dangerous. Garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds, and without the right precautions can easily come crashing down, possibly on you! Don’t let this happen! Let us here at El Dorado Hills Garage Door Repair offer you all the garage door repair guidance you need. You show us the problem, we’ll work with you to price out and plan the best solution to suit your needs, then our team of experts will do the actual repair work to ensure everyone’s safety. We are fast and reliable as well as experienced.

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Preventative Garage Door Service You Can Do Yourself

Your garage door is probably the largest moving item in your home, weighing hundreds of pounds. You use it several times a day. You probably rely on it being able to open every morning to go to work. Get the most out of this essential piece of security equipment with day-to-day preventative garage door maintenance. Start by paying attention to how it works every time you use it. Watch for any jerky motions. Does it move smooth and symmetrically? From time to time, tighten all the working mechanisms with a socket wrench. Occasionally test the door’s balance by releasing it from the opener, raising it halfway up by hand and observing whether it leans from one side to the other. Lubricate all parts frequently. The more regular maintenance you do to your garage door, the better you will avoid expensive repairs.