What To Do In The Event Of A Broken Garage Door Spring

Your garage springs serve an important purpose of counterbalancing a very heavy garage door. It may seem easy to open and close your door, but this is only because the springs do all the heavy lifting. Under such pressure, a broken garage door spring is inevitable. All springs are rated to last a certain length of time and without proper care, this time will come sooner than later. A broken spring is usually easy to diagnose as it’ll be split cleanly in two. If your spring is damaged, don’t try to remove it yourself. These springs are under heavy tension and improper handling can cause them to fly off. It’s simply not worth the risk of harming yourself or damaging property. At EDH-Serrano, we know how to safely replace torsion and extension springs from garages. In some cases, it may even be possible to repair the spring instead of replacing it.

How Much Does Garage Spring Repair Cost?

While spring repair is usually one of the more costly areas of garage maintenance, it’s a small price to pay for such a dangerous job. In most situations, garage spring replacement costs less than a few hundred dollars. However, there are a few factors involved that can affect this cost. For one, torsion springs are more expensive than extension. In addition, springs with a higher rated lifespan will increase the price further. If you’d like to know more, give us a call and we’ll provide you a free quote.

Why Is My Garage Door Off Track?

If your garage door is slanted and doesn’t properly close, then it may be off track. This could happen due to a few different reasons, including the track being out of alignment, obstructions in the track, or faulty rollers. Another possible cause is damaged cables. If you’re wondering how to get a garage door wheel back on track, then it’s probably time to call a technician. When your door is off its track, it’s unpredictable and could come crashing down on your foot or property any time. Give our 24/7 office a call and we’ll get it operating smoothly for you.