Tips On Lubricating Springs and Other Garage Door Parts

Your garage door parts face a lot of wear and tear every day. After all, they work in unison to lift a door that weighs hundreds of pounds. By taking a few minutes out of your day to inspect and lubricate them, you can ensure your door remains in working order for many years to come. Start by checking your torsion spring for any signs of visible damage, including cracks and rust. If signs of corrosion are present, use a rust remover solution and brush to scrub it off, following it up with a light application of lubricant. Exercise caution as torsion springs are under heavy tension. Under no circumstances should you place your fingers in or around the springs. Ask for help from a local garage repair company if you’re unsure.

Maintain Your Garage Components For Best Performance

By taking proper care of your garage components, you can ensure your door will remain reliable for a long time. EDH-Serrano offers tune-ups and regular maintenance checks for both residential and commercial garages of any brand. Regular inspections offer an affordable way to keep your garage in good shape and prevent costly repairs.

Prevention Of a Broken Garage Door Spring

Springs are a common point of failure in any garage door system. All springs are rated to last a certain number of cycles, the most common being 10,000. By determining how often you open and close your door, you can better estimate when it may break. You can help ensure it lasts the full rated life by having your repair company perform frequent tune-ups throughout the year. It’s best to replace a spring at the end of its life cycle, before it breaks. A broken spring is usually easy to diagnose as it’ll be cleanly snapped in two and your door won’t operate at all. Don’t try to remove it on your own as garage spring replacement is a dangerous task best left to the pros.