Is Your Garage Door Off Track? We Can Help

A garage door off track is not only bad looking, but dangerous and it leaves your home insecure. Do not attempt to adjust the door on your own. Due to your springs, the garage door may not seem heavy, but in actuality it’s hundreds of pounds. You really don’t want it to come crashing down on your foot. If you notice your door becomes off track, block the area off for safety and give us a call. We know garage doors can get stuck any time of the day so that’s why we offer 24/7 service in the El Dorado Hills area. Let us know and our certified technicians will be over there in an instant.

Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is Uneven

When your garage door is slanted, it could mean that your rollers are off the track or a cable has snapped. Something crashing into the door like a car could also send it off loop. Depending on the issue, you may need to replace a cable or pulley. If the door is completely off track, then a more in-depth maintenance will be required. Our team can get you door back on track and will carefully inspect every part of your garage to ensure it remains safe after we leave.

Warning Signs That You’re past Due for Garage Door Service

Regular garage door maintenance is an important duty for anyone that owns a garage. Failing to properly maintain parts can lead to premature breakdowns and costly repairs. If you can’t recall the last time your garage door has been lubricated or inspected, you’re probably past due for a tune-up. Your door also shouldn’t be excessively noisy. A creaky garage door is an indication of an underlying problem. Those who’ve reached the ten-year mark on their garage door should also schedule a service call for inspections. Some parts on the door may start showing signs of failure at this point in time. Give EDH-Serrano a call today to find out how a safety inspection can benefit your garage door.