Has Your Garage Door Opener Stopped Working?

It can be a frustrating experience to have paid for a garage door opener that no longer functions. If you have an automatic opener, you shouldn’t have to deal with manually opening the door all the time. First, check your remote. It could be as simple as needing to replace the batteries. Make sure to try a spare as well to rule out a faulty remote. If the garage continues to be unresponsive, the issue is most likely relates to the electrical components of your opener. If you do hear the garage attempting to move, then the issue is probably mechanical. Inspect your garage’s track and make sure it’s not out of alignment. You should also check the sensor for any obstructions that may prevent the door from moving due to safety.

‘Still Have A Stuck Garage Door? You May Need a Professional

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to determine the cause of why your garage door won’t open. There’s many different factors involved and replacing the wrong part can cost you even more money. By hiring a repair company, you’ll receive a 100% guarantee and quality service that’ll get your garage opening again in no time.

A Garage Door Parts Tune-Up Can Prolong Your Door’s Life

Paying a little attention to the mechanical parts of your garage goes a long way in ensuring you have a smooth operating garage for a long time to come. Proper maintenance on garage door springs, track, and other areas can reduce the risk of breakdowns. Don’t wait until your garage door actually has a problem. Even if it’s operating fine right now, inspection and maintenance can detect and prevent problems before they occur. We offer regular tune-ups and maintenance checks for both residential and commercial garage doors. Our team will closely inspect and lubricate all of your door’s parts so that it stays in working order.