Garage Door Opener Repair

How to Install a New Logic Board on Your Garage Door

The logic board on your garage door opener is the computer hardware of the entire device. It uses radio frequency to communicate with the remotes, components and opener mechanism. If the opener fails to work, in many cases it may be the logic board that needs to be replaced.

Logic board replacement is one of the trickier types of garage door opener repair. Like any electronic repair, replacing the logic board yourself can be hazardous. Only attempt it when you have read through every step and are confident you can do the job yourself. You risk electric shock as well as causing extensive damage to the opener that may be irreparable.

Breaking Down the Steps of Replacing the Logic Board on Your Garage Door Opener

Start by unplugging the garage door opener. Disconnect any backup batteries.

Disconnect the light lens cover. Disconnect the wires from the control board.

Remove the control panel by unscrewing the four mounting screws. Remove the control panel from the motor.

Next, disconnect the logic board. Open the panel and take a photo of how the wires connect so you’ll know how to connect them later when you attach the new board. Disconnect all the wires and remove the old board.

Snap the new logic board back into place and reconnect the wires according to the photograph of the old board.

Automatic Garage Won’t Open? Check the Remote

When an automatic garage doesn’t open, there are a few possible causes besides the logic board itself. Make sure that your remote has fresh batteries and is programmed properly. You can also try a spare remote to rule out the possibility of a faulty opener. If the door still doesn’t respond, the issue most likely lies with the logic board. If the door does respond, but won’t budge, then the issue could be mechanical instead. Our trained technicians know how to pinpoint the cause and take steps to resolve and prevent its reoccurrence

Questions about how to fix your garage door opener? Call El Dorado Hills Garage Door Repair in Plasterville for answers. We’d be happy to help.

Why Hire a Professional for Your Garage Door Installation

If you need to install a new garage door, make sure the job is done right by having your garage door installed by a professional. First, it is a safety issue. A garage door weighs hundreds of pounds and can pose a serious safety issue to children and pets. Further, your garage door is an investment, and you don’t want to risk damage to any of those new parts by having it improperly installed. When you choose to have a professional company do the job, you can rest assured knowing whoever is doing the job will be a certified expert. Call EDH Garage Door Repair for a free installation estimate. We serve the Plasterville and greater El Dorado Hills areas.